Sébastien de Ganay ABSTRACT WORKS
CATALOLGUE 2008 - 2009

onestar press


28,5 x 17,5 cm, 116 pages, full color








Each book contains a detailed technical plan and a Braille Alphabet card.









Sébastien de Ganay portraits and sculptures

onestar press (osp monos)

December 2004

29 x 18,5 cm, 112 pages, full color, hard-cover


Sébastien de Ganay’s almost life-sized full body portraits consist of his trademark folds of plastic that literally create waves of relief--there is a balanced push-pull, background-foreground figure effect that is supported by the luminous white void on which all the figures float. They sometimes read as sculptures. On the other hand, the walls, cubes, cylinders, and circles of de Ganay’s sculptures, with their bright car-paint monochromes and curved or straight geometric picture planes, foreground their viewers almost like the figures in his portraits against their white voids. They sometimes read as paintings. This comprehensive full-color volume of de Ganay’s portraits and sculptures includes an insightful essay on his work, as well as an interview with the artist.

Introductory text by Richard Dailey
Interview by Benedict Ledebur
A letter so Sébastien by Erwin Wurm








onestar press (onestar press movies by artists)

Published November 2002


This book was originally published to accompany the movie "Windows" by Siegrun Appelt


Book design : Sébastien de Ganay






Killing time

onestar press

Published April 2001


Gratter, défigurer, détruire une image est un geste lourd pour celui qui le commet comme peut-être aussi pour celui qui constate le geste iconoclaste. La destruction partielle d'une photographie si celle-ci reproduit le visage humain simule une atteinte, un geste contre la personne photographiée. Mais elle est surtout la perte d'une référence spatiale et temporelle, de l'instant gravé, pour toujours, autour duquel la mémoire s'organise.

La douleur c'est justement la perte de ce qui était enregistré, l'impossible retour en arrière puisqu'il n'y a plus de quoi ancrer le souvenir.


Layout and alteration: Sébastien de Ganay







Open City #11: Octo Ate Them All

Grove Press, Open City Books

Published August 1, 2000

248 pages

9 pages with photographs of Sébastien de Ganay´s paintings for the exhibition "Überfremdung"

About Open City:
The most important new literary journal to emerge since Granta, Open City has published some of the best work by major writers and artists such as Mary Gaitskill, Denis Johnson, Jeff Koons, David Foster Wallace, Irvine Welsh, Terry Southern, Patrick McCabe, Sam Lipsyte, and David Berman. Edited by the writers Thomas Beller and Daniel Pinchbeck and originally published by the late Robert Bingham, writing from Open City has been included in many prestigious anthologies, including Best American Short Stories and The Pushcart Prize. Known for launching the careers of today's best new writers, the editors are also committed to printing important unpublished work by writers from past eras, such as Richard Yates, Delmore Schwartz, Jim Thompson, Cyril Connolly, Edvard Munch, and Gregor von Rezzori. With its innovative and daring mix of the old and the new, Open City combines undiscovered writing by classic authors with a fascinating portrait of a literary generation in the making.