LOLO 2        
LOLO-2 LOLO-1-.2 LOLO-2-close-up-1 LOLO-2-close-up-2 LOLO-red-Painting


pedestal, glass cover, pen, paper,
cardboard box, robot
size: 127 x 39 x 30 cm






Have you ever heard of Lolo the donkey, mascot of Montmartre?

In 1910 he was included as a main character in a trick played on the art world by Roland Dorgelès, the famous art-critic and writer.
With a paintbrush tied to his tail he painted the famous „Sunset on the Adriatic Sea“ exhibited at the Salon des Indépendants the same year. The resulting canvas was attributed to the fictitious painter J. R. Boronali and earned lots of praise. 100 years later Lolo is born again and turned into a very stubborn being which cannot stop drawing, with the advantage of not needing to be fed on carrots nor tobacco leaves. Lolo will enjoy your company as your mascot and needs your Salon to do his job ...